Locatem is an O2O business and offers every possible facility to its user based on his current location.


Notifies users about deals at their current location and let them avail cashbacks in UPI connected bank account.

Track Friends

Track friend's location after his approval while going for shopping together in a group. "Kahan Ho", is no more a valid question.

Watch Trills

Swap trill cards to see what Locatem users near your current location are saying. Grab a deal or sell a deal, just in minutes.

Merchant App

An easy to use 'Locatem Merchant' app lets users process a cashback just in 2 steps. Scan QR code and pay through UPI.

Locatem Customers

Locatem offers customers find deals and classified near you.

Get cashbacks at Locatem merchants near you.

Express wish for availing cashbacks on other merchants

Get Cashback directly in your UPI connected bank accounts

Post Trills to sell your used items prospects near you.

Rate Merchants and know their current rating before shopping.

Be a Locatem ambassador. Refer friends and Earn Cashback.

Trill to buy used articles or borrow something from your neighbor.

Apply filters to quickly see deals and merchants of your choice

Locatem for Merchants

See why should you use Locatem over other O2O apps

Less Competition

We show cashback results to a user with in 500 meters to 2 KMs of his current location. A merchant is saved from competing with other similar merchant who is sitting 30 KMs away from buyer

Stronger Branding

We do not depend on user's search to show your name to him. We notify the user that he should see your offer, then moment he reaches in your territory.

User Friendly

We do not ask user to take photos or selfies. Claim cashback through QR code while paying on counter. Users love it more and will expect you to be on Locatem


Are you still lying on your app partner to collect all money first and then transfer you the share. Its your money. Get paid right on counter. We will manage rest with you.

No Nuances

We do not force anyone to learn new wallet or a payment method. Do business like you have been doing and let users pay you like you want them to pay.

Its Free

'Nothing is Free in this world' is a wrong statement when you use Locatem. We do your branding free of cost. Let users get to know about you just at the door of your market area without your reaching out to them yourself. We charge when you get paid.


Take a closer look in more detail

How to use Locatem App

Q. How To start using Locatem App?
Starting using Locatem is one of the easiest things one can do on a smartphone.

  1. Download the app from playstore.
  2. Launch the app and register as a new user by filling your basic intro details.
  3. Validate your identity through an OTP and thats it.
  4. Voila you are using it already. It may ask you for few access like location access etc while getting in. Please allow those access for full use of the app. All such access are very much safe.

Q. All that sounds lovely, but I do not understand what all I see on my dashboard after login in?
Well using Locatem is easier than registering on it.

  1. Map on the top shows your current location and small dots on it will show merchants near you offering cashback.
  2. Click on the map and you will see a bigger picture of the map. You can switch to list view from here.
  3. Come back on dashboard again to access Connections section. Connections is a way to send track request to your friends and family members while you all are planning to meet at a common point in market anywhere. Your followers are those who are following you. It should show zero follower initially. You can accept or reject a follow request. And you can send follow request to your friends before you plan to meet in a group party. ‘Connections’ feature makes “Kahan Ho” a redundant question.
  4. Bazaar is a section which shows list of merchants within your 100 Meters to 2 KMs area in a categorical way. You can add any of the merchant’s card in your wishlist. We will get to know your choice about a cashback on that store and we approach that mercant to start sharing his cashback on Locatem. If any of the stores in the list is already registered with us, then you can see their offers and can walkin to shop at that store. You can use filters to see your wishlist or only offers or whole of the list at once.

Q. I do not understand Trills feature?
That is certainly a valid question, because this is very new function Locatem has brought to the market. Trills enables location based social networking. Through Trills you are trying to address Locatem masses around you through a quick message.

  1. A small icon on the top right corner of the dashboard shows the Trill Icon.
  2. You simply press that and put your message on a popup.
    1. You might have a Cinema Ticket, which you can not use because you got to go urgently.So you simply post a Trill and all Locatem users near you will see that message in their
      respective inbox. Any one of those might like to buy that ticket from you on discount. So it
      is a win win situation.
    2. You wish to buy 3 bottles of beer, while there is an offer on buying 6 of them. Post a Trill
      and nearby Locatem users might show an interest to join hands with you.
  3. You can surf others’ Trills to see if any one of those interests you.

Q. Okay I am all set. I am in a shopping market to buy shoes for me. What should I do?
Well the beauty of the app is that you are not required to do anything for now.

  • Locatem will send a notification on your phone about all possible deals in that shopping market.
  • You open the offers section and filter to see the offers running with Shoes Merchants in that market.
  • Select the best one and reach to that shop. Pick up a piece of your choice and get on payment counter.
  • Inform the merchant about your being associated with Locatem. Pay the merchant the cost of the product through any medium.
  • He will then scan a QR code available in your Locatem app and will do his part of the job.
  • You get a notification of the Cashback approved, in your Locatem app.

Q. What is ‘I wish’ listing in the offers list? It has got this nice golden lamp in front of it.
Awesome that you noticed it. This is to seek your choice. There is no point collecting offers and vouchers from merchants where you do not shop. So let us know the merchants where you love to shop. Our team will collaborate with them to bring offers “JUST FOR YOU” with that merchant too. This is about making sure that we serve you the best.

Q. Do you wait for a specific no. of wish to get collected before you talk to that merchant for an offer.
Certainly not. We value every request and every feedback. You share your interest and we will reach out to the merchant to seek an offer for you. Though the choice of sharing an offer will stay with merchant in such case.

Information and Access sharing

Q. Do I Need To Take Selfie or take a photo of my bill for claiming cashback?
No, we are different. We value your privacy. Selfie or photo of the bill is absolutely not required.

Q. Why am I asked to share my location?
To get the accessibility of nearby markets and to share cashback offers running at your current
location we need to know your current location. We also allow you to post or listen request from other Locatem users near you through Trills. And Trills are location based only.

Q. Why to allow access to Camera, Photo Gallery, SMS, Phone Calls and Contacts?
Don’t worry. We ask limited information to serve you best in a very secured manner. Be inform that we do not share this information with third party agency. We ask access of your;

  1. Camera: Because We love to see you and let you place your profile picture by shooting an instant click.
  2. Photo Gallery: We understand that you are not ready for a selfie all the time. No problem you can upload your Locatem profile picture from your phone’s photo gallery.
  3. SMS: This is just another way to secure your cyber security. We use SMS for sending you OTP.
  4. Phone Calls: That can be valid question, we understand. It is required just to make it convenient for you to call your friend, whom you are tracking, right from Locatem.
  5. Contacts: To let you track your friends by searching them in your contact book.
Other General Questions

Q. I am loving it and wish to start using Locatem to its best. Is there any limit of number of transactions
We knew you would love it. Hence we kept it free of any limit. You can do as many transactions in a day as you want, provided you have the valid cashback vouchers available for any specific merchant.

Q. Do I need internet to use my Locatem app account.
Yes, you will need internet to use the app at its best.

Q. I referred someone but referral amount has not been credited yet?
Referral amount comes to you after your friend has installed the app and has signed up on the
platform. If that has already been done, then wait for maximum 48 hours to get the cashback.
Just in worst case, we miss it in the suggested time, then feel free to reach our customer support through app and share your use case. You shall be given the valid cashback without wait.

Q. I referred someone and he has joined the app but referral reward has still not been credited?
Referral reward is applicable for new app users only who join through you in Delhi NCR only.

Q. What is the app validity?
The Locatem app will be updated on time to time as per the norms and procedures of the app.

Q. Will I be allowed to rate the merchant on the app?
Yes, we would always love to hear your experience with Loactem registered merchants.

Payments and Cashback

Q. Does Locatem help me save money?
We believe in two facts: 1) A penny saved is a penny earned and 2) It is not always true that nothing is free in this world. There are things which come for free without any condition. With these two concepts we say that Locatem is an earning machine for you. See below to know more;

  1. You get a Cashback just after you register on the app. That is our way of welcoming you on board as a premium user of Locatem.
  2. You get cash back on ever referral you share with your friend or family member. That is our love for you for showing your confidence in us. It is just that this love travels to you, after your referral has registered on Locatem.
  3. You get cashback in your UPI bank account on shopping on any of the Locatem Merchants. This is because our merchant has ushered his love on you and wish to incentivise you through Locatem.
  4. We reward you with certain credits on top of the merchant cashback. These credits can be used to claim free goodies from Locatem app as soon as you become eligible for availing one.

Q. Can I really pay on counter like how I want? Am I not bound to pay through Locatem
Oh yes, you are not bound to follow Locatem for payments. Locatem lets you just earn and not spend through it 🙂 . Pay in cash, through your credit card, any of your digital wallet, debit card or even through cheque. All that is good. And the cashback will come in your UPI connected bank account. So you are free from app wallets or restrictions to keep using the app for paying anywhere. Your money is saved with you, not in our wallets.

Q. Do I need a UPI Account? What if I do not hold one? Is it safe to create a UPI account
First thing first. Money transactions on mobile phones are safest through UPI. It is a Govt provided facility and you can create it on BHIM App. It is just a 4 step simple process to get a UPI account for yourself.
Transaction after that shall be channelised through UPI and will be highly secured. Yes, it is mandatory to have a valid a UPI account for yourself, because we shall transfer your cashback in your UPI connected bank accounts only.

Q. Locatem says me to register using my that mobile no. which is registered with UPI. But I……

  • Did not sign up using that phone no.
    No worries. That is not the end of the world. You will still be given a chance to set your UPI ID
    with in your Locatem Profile and that shall suffice the need.But make sure that you put your
    UPI ID correct. Because the cash back will go in that bank account which will be integrated to
    that UPI ID.
  • Do not have a UPI ID so far.
    Well that could be somewhat concerning. It will require you to follow additional four simple
    steps to create your UPI ID. You can do so through BHIM App. Those four steps would be
    self guiding and will let you create a UPI ID right at the spot. You will then start getting
    cashbacks right in your bank account.

Q. How to avail maximum cashback on Locatem?
It is simple. Shop as much as you can and collect cashbacks on your every spend. And the other
good way is to refer Locatem to your friends and keep collecting our love.

Q. How can I be sure that I have earned Cashback?
Once you are done with the payment of the shopping on the counter and after you have shared the valid QR code with the merchant you will get a notification in your Locatem user account about successful redemption of the cashback. We would suggest you to please wait on the counter if you do not get this confirmation notification your app.

For Investors

Team Locatem is a fleet of young, dynamic and experienced professionals.

500 Million

Buyers of age 15 to 64 in India shop actively offline.

US$ 1100 Billion

is an average total Indian consumer spending annually.

Approx 96%

of this spending belongs to offline shopping.

1 Million

consumers are expected to join us on board in 3 years.

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